ACP therapy with injections

All about injections with own blood in osteoarthritis in knee, shoulder or hip

Injections with own blood plasma are a new treatment for osteoarthritis in the knee, shoulder or hip.
This method has a twofold effect on the worn joint:
– It inhibits inflammation, which reduces pain.
– In addition, the stimulation of joint (synovial) fluid is stimulated, allowing the joint to move more smoothly. The wear of the cartilage is not stopped by this method. The main benefit of injections with own blood plasma is that the patient gets less pain and more mobility.

ACP therapy

For this treatment your own blood is used

What is an ACP injection?

ACP is an abbreviation of Autologous Conditioned Plasma. Fifteen ml of blood is taken from your arm with a specially developed double syringe. Then, in a centrifuge, the anti-inflammatory and restorative components are separated from the rest of the blood. This blood plasma is kept separate in the double syringe. The active ingredients are injected into the diseased joint under local anesthesia.
The growth factors in the platelets inhibit the inflammatory reactions and the irritation of the joints due to the wear. In addition, they stimulate the production of joint fluid making the joints better lubricated. ACP treatment makes use of your own blood. Therefore, an allergic reaction or rejection is excluded. It is, therefore, a simple and safe treatment.

Platelets essential for cure

“Blood platelets play an important role in injury. They are not only essential for blood clotting, but also have a role in wound healing. This is strengthened in ACP therapy, “

says Dr. Max Munstermann. This is a German orthopedic surgeon who has been using ACP injections for many years. Multiple processes are started in the cure of tissue injury. These are driven by signal substances and growth factors from platelets (or thrombocytes) that are activated by injury. At the site of the damage, they release growth factors, which then initiate the healing process. Through the ACP process, the body-own blood is “enriched”. As a result, the concentration of platelets and growth factors is significantly increased.

“In recent years it has been shown that this has a positive effect on the pain and motility of osteoarthritis in the knee, shoulder and hip.”

What can you expect from an ACP injection?

ACP therapy needleBergman Clinics has been working on ACP injections for a long time. They report on their website that a significant decrease in complaints has been noted in 2/3 of the patients. The pain decreases on average after 6 to 8 weeks following the first injection. Then a second injection is given. The action of both injections lasts 6 to 12 months. Then a new treatment can take place. It is advisable to check that your supplementary policy will compensate for an ACP injection. However, the treatment is also offered completely uninsured. Then, the costs are entirely for you and will add up to approximately 850 euros for full treatment with two injections.

Where can you get an ACP treatment?

It is advisable to ask your doctor first whether he can give you an ACP treatment or if he has to refer you to a specialist who applies this method.


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