Joint pain in cold and precipitation

Published by Eugène Mathijssen on 13 Dec 2017

More joint pain in cold and precipitation?

Some people with chronic joint complaints swear that the weather affects the pain. The pain increases with cold and precipitation. New American research shows that weather conditions are linked to Google searches for pain in the joints. However, the researchers at the University of Washington were surprised about the results. As the temperatures rose, the number of searches increased.
Joint pain in cold and precipitation

Google Trends

For this study, the researchers analyzed the Google searches for joint pain from the 45 largest cities in America. They also used Google Trends. This is a service of the search giant that gives a graphic impression when and how often a specific search term is used. It is also possible to make a comparison between cities using this tool.

Ambient temperature

As the temperature rose, the number of searches for knee and hip pain increased steadily. A peak was observed at a temperature of 28 degrees. The researchers noticed how consistent this search trend was in all 45 cities.

“We have not found a direct mechanism that connects the ambient temperature to pain in the joints. Nevertheless, we think that we have an explanation of the search behavior at higher temperatures. People are more active on hot days, causing the joints to be used more intensively. This increases the chance of pain and injuries“

one of the researchers said.


The summary of the (English) source article can be viewed online.
The complete source article can be requested from the editors. Mention that this is the article about the American Google Trends research.

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