Vision & Mission

Foundation Moving without pain

Contact details:
Pyreneeën 53
1060 NP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Chamber of Commerce: 62078259

The Moving without Pain Foundation aims to inform people about alternative and complementary therapies to reduce pain when moving. There is a great need for information about the origin and development of musculoskeletal disorders, exercise programmes and alternative treatment options. This need is still not sufficiently answered by healthcare institutions and physicians. The Foundation fills this gap with a comprehensive platform to gain information and ask questions about joint complaints and (alternative) treatments.

The Moving Without Pain Foundation focuses its extensive platform on the following areas:
1) What types of joint complaints are there?
2) New insights into the treatment of osteoarthritis
3) Exercise programmes and exercise tips
4) What can you do yourself to relieve joint pain?
5) What is the status of scientific research in the battle against arthritis symptoms?
6) Which supplements are effective in osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders?
7) Sense and nonsense about nutrition with joint problems