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Are you looking for feedback from people with osteoarthritis or joint pain who have tried Green-lipped mussel, Curcumin or other natural ingredients? Here below, we have collected experiences and reviews. Have you tried ways to get rid of your pain? We are interested to hear your story. Share your story with us.

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I have bursitis upper right leg. After using the gel it almost disappeared.
I use Green-lipped mussel extract.Carla

I have very severe hip osteoarthritis with osteoporosis. I have used Glucosamine in combination with fish oil capsules. Eventually the pain came back anyway. Then I heard of the Green-lipped mussel (capsules). After approx. 14 days I started to notice that the pain reduced. In the meantime I have now added Boswellia and Krill oil capsules. Virtually no more pain and can move well! Going now to reduce to 1x per day *******, 2x per day Boswellia and Krill oil and hope to stay pain free for a long time. Some of my friends / acquaintances also use it, and with good outcome. I do not need to take NSAIDs (with all the negative effects they have). Adri Bouma

Liquid Green-lipped mussel now in use (35 days) after I accidentally read on the internet the article by Dr. de Jong. After consulting my orthopaedist my already scheduled surgery got (provisionally) postponed because of these very positive results. My motto, cutting can always be done. Also I use(d) daily green tea with ginger which clearly also reduces the pain. A. van de Luur

After taking ******* for 6 weeks, my arthritis symptoms had completely disappeared! I was suffering from a sore left knee – caused by an accident – but the pain is completely gone, so that I can just walk again. I could not do earlier on, I needed a cane. A.E. Lambers

I suffered from chronic arthritis, beginning arthritis and bursitis on big toe joint. For this I used diclofenac 8 weeks, two infiltrations, Barouk shoe, simultaneously ******* (contains all the elements that you’re talking about in the booklet): works very well: to be recommended this online company!! C.Schuijtemaker

I was told by my GP that my sore swollen knee was caused by osteoarthritis. If I would suffer a lot I might get a referral to an orthopaedist.
On the Internet I went searching for treatments. I soon landed up at the booklet “Moving without pain.” I have taken the capsules with Green-lipped mussel for a few weeks now and the pain has gone during walking and biking. Fantastic. Initially I thought I could fight my stiffness with physical training. But that backfired. The pain got worse. I have overloaded my knees. Unwise.C.Schuijtemaker

After the 80 days cure with liquid green-lipped mussel the pain is almost gone. I have to remain careful and not burden my shoulders, but the pain is so reduced, it is a blessing! I now use the maintenance dose in the form of capsules. it is very worth the effort to compare prices on internet. these vary enormously! loes de jong

As a result of your publications I use green-lipped mussel of ******* for several months. For some time already I have problems with my ankles (cartilage is mostly gone completely). Since the use of green-lipped mussel it is going much better. I play tennis again with more range of motion and I experience very few limitations when walking. Hans Jägers

My dog ​​is troubled for years with osteoarthritis, he’s only 4 years old. We have had him since he was 8 months old (been badly treated before then). December 16, 2015 he had his first TTA with removal of the entire meniscus, February 19, 2016 his second TTA. An assistant physician in training started him with the green-lipped mussel. It does not hurt to try I thought. He was actually already three years on and off painkillers. Now after 9 days on green-lipped mussel we already see a noticeable change. In fairness a dog cannot have a placebo effect. I wonder if it stays this positive or maybe even improve further. He took Rimaldyl, Carpodyl, Carporal, Metacam and even Tramadol previously. Hillegonda de vries

After I downloaded the booklet, I did not hesitate for long to start a cure of liquid Green-lipped mussel / Curcumin / Blackcurrant leaf. Before this I took Glucosamine / Chondroitin every day for years, but I felt no improvement. I now take for approximately fifty days 3x daily capsules with the liquid combination of Green-lipped mussel / Curcumin / Blackcurrent leaf and have no more pain in my finger joints! I initially thought that it would not help because the pain would not go away immediately, but even before finishing my first pack of 120 capsules I got better. The explanation in the booklet, and scientific based information on natural resources against osteoarthritis, especially of the promising liquid green-lipped mussel extract provide confidence in the new product! Have been suffering for years from osteoarthritis: neck, lower back, hip, hands. 15 y ago operated on neck hernia, 3 y ago surgery on thumb (new thumb joint). The capsules are not cheap, but I will nevertheless continue taking them because they are definitely effective! Anonymous

I have arthritis in the lower back, radiating down my legs. In 1990 I received a new hip.
There’s nothing I have not tried ranging from medication to pain clinic. For five weeks now I have used green-lipped mussel. Unfortunately I cannot say that the pain has gone but considerably less. All gone will never be the case but it does relieve the pain.. What I regret is the price which I cannot always pay. Nelly Walraven

I have pain in the hips, stiff fingers in the morning and walk unsteadily when getting up. An X-ray of the hips has revealed arthritis. For my hands and feet I have no diagnosis. I tried ******* and had less complaints after three weeks, no stiff fingers anymore, feet are “stronger” and I sleep better i.e. because I have less hip complaints. However if I miss a day, the symptoms immediately return. But that’s also why I know it helps! Anonymous

I suffer from arthritis in my right knee, left wrist, temporomandibular joint. Used green-lipped mussel since July 2015 following instructions and I must say that I suffer much less from the above mentioned problems. Will thus continue using it. They should do something about the price. Joint purchasing? Previously I’ve never taken anything, but sometimes worn a brace for knee and/or wrist. I use green-lipped mussel capsules of *******. J. van Rijnbach, 84 years

I have arthritis in the ankle and toes. Stiffness and sometimes pain. This is what I did in order to reduce the pain: Exercises, several years ago, diclofenac. That did help, pain is acceptable for me, merely stiff joints, sometimes difficult walking, after exercises ok again. Now using ******* for 30 days, green-lipped mussel liquid. I noticed some improvement but do not know if it really helps but I have better periods more often. I walk and bike a lot. Elles

I have osteoarthritis in the hands, wrists and elbows. And my right hip certainly joins in as well. I used anti-inflammatories and a lot of paracetamol, but since ******* I am doing fine. Of course there are days when I still feel it, especially in the morning, but there is a huge difference. I will therefore not stop using it. It does cost a few pennies, but you really get something in return. Regards Thea Hermsen

Me and my husband went to the lecture of Dr. de Jong on December 16, 2014 in Vught. I already had problems with my left wrist for about 5 months. Diagnosis: tendinitis, arthritis later and pseudo gout. I have not taken the prescribed anti-inflammatories. From 01-12-14 I use Green-lipped mussel Perna canaliculus (*******) according to the recommended dosage. The rheumatologist is familiar with green-lipped mussel! Meanwhile it goes very well with my wrist. I’m excited about the product because we can make great cycling trips again. J. Oerlemans

I have Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Bechterew disease, an ankylosed hip joint and a degenerating knee. (Same side as the hip). The first ± 20 years, I tried the traditional anti-inflammatory agents (I suspect just about the entire range), then Ledertrexaat combined with Dafalgan. In the beginning also in combination with Naproxen. Until I discovered that Naproxen was explicitly mentioned in the leaflet of Ledertrexaat that these should not be taken in combination. Therefore it was only Dafalgan with Ledertrexaat. Meanwhile also purchased an adulation mattress. As I got the feeling that Ledertrexaat alone was not sufficient to inhibit the inflammations, I went looking for alternatives to Anti-Inflammatory drugs and I landed on the green-lipped mussel. At one time I could not go any further and I ordered the green-lipped mussel. Last Friday I started and after about two hours I already felt a difference! The “sandpaper effect” in my hip joint was strongly reduced. Now, one day later, I still have a lot less pain and hope this may remain so and preferably even improve. Following your brochure, which I discovered only later, I will now also add curcumin to my diet. Myriam De Becker (Belgium)

I always had pain in the bones of the forefoot. In addition, a lot of pain in the right hip with walking, sitting, and especially when I lay in bed, often could only lie on my back, otherwise the pain was unbearable.
After taking ******* am getting used to the pain in the bones of the forefoot after 4 days. Hip complaints even seemed to worsen a bit! But after 20 days, the pain was suddenly completely gone. And now I’m after 40 days liquid switched to capsules, I use 1x capsule per day and the pain stays away! I spent a year not able to walk because of the pain. Now after a stroll I felt that my hip was tired, but no pain. Now I can build my condition up again. Anonymous

Suffered from morning stiffness, arthritis in a finger and a couple of toes. Completely worn out knees by osteoarthritis. For years I took Glucosamine without result. Started a few months ago with ******* and all these symptoms have disappeared! With the exception of the knee, which needs a prosthesis to go in. Could not escape from it as it is in an advanced stage already. If only I had started with this earlier I maybe could have saved my knee. Marijke

A lot of pain in wrists and fingers (2013). X-rays have been taken: hand therapy and pain killers. Also used Green-lipped mussel capsules for some time. However, I stopped after more than six months, because the product is too expensive to use; I did however benefit from it. Now I use Glucosamine Chondroitin 1500/500 mg. I am pain free. Also exercise is important, I do yoga.. Sonja D. Rothe

Have lots of muscle pain and burden of the hips. Pain from hip to knee to the bottom of the foot. Daily: take lots of vitamins C, 2 to 4 pieces. Eat bread with Blackcurrent marmalade / syrup, then sprinkle turmeric powder on it. Take green-lipped mussels from New Zealand. Use daily in small amounts (otherwise you get diarrhea) magnesium powder solution (Magnesium Verla 300), type Orange. Use also varied: iron tablets, selenium, mica, multivitamins, omega-3. But drink a lot, move a lot, eat little. Try to eat healthy and not eat sweets.
The result: walking again up and down with little pain, but always with canes. A few years ago I only could walk a few hundred meters. I contribute a lot of the “cure / improvement” to the pure magnesium. Wanny Schelling

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Am suffering from osteoarthritis in the neck. I’ve already tried 3 x *******. The first time I took it for 3 weeks and I felt improvement, but I was always coughing due to irritation of my upper airways. For a month I used Symbicort for my annual flaring up of c.o.p.d (asthma). I then tried two times to start again with ******* but had to stop again because of the same symptoms. I find it very unfortunate because I felt better. The pain in my neck and shoulders were much less. I could function again. Anonymous

On the advice of a friend and nature pharmacist I have taken green-lipped mussel and Collacept . I also went to a gym as advised by my daughter / physical therapist for muscle strengthening exercises. By doing so and moving more often the complaints diminish. I still stay at the back of the walking group when in the dunes, but at least I can still participate.Anonymous

Suffering from stiff knees when getting out of bed or from the chair. Sometimes also a bit painful. Especially when walking. Whether I have osteoarthritis I do not know, but it looks like it. For several years I took glucosamine from my pharmacy, initially worked pretty well, but lately it was no longer sufficient. I heard from friends about green-lipped mussel, and they had positive experiences with it, so I did a Google on it. I’ve ordered and downloaded the booklet moving without pain and read it. I was immediately excited about this agent in a liquid capsule form. I use it now for more than two months and I have to admit that my stiff and sometimes painful knees are painless, and move a lot smoother. I use 1 capsule per day. I will certainly continue to use in the future. As I’m already getting a bit older, it seems sensible to continue using it. I’m 61 years old. Also, my dog, a Border Collie, has serious osteoarthritis in the hips. For years she takes anti-inflammatory drugs / painkillers from the vet, Meloxidyl combined with the green-lipped mussel capsule 1 per day makes it go now a lot better.She is more active again and cheerful. Previously, she was a bit listless. I keep using it for her use for those last few years she hopefully still will be living. She is after all already more than 10 years. I can only say that this product from New Zealand really is a must. I wish I had known about it earlier, I would have been using for us both. (But.. ‘if only I had’) A. Beek

I had a lot of pain in my knee. I also had to quit my job, I worked all my life in the hospitality industry, but in recent years I could not sleep properly because of the pain, and it was getting worse. Therefore, my contract was not renewed resulting in dole. With a pair of bad knees, and age, I did not get back in a job, walking continued going worse.
The orthopaedic surgeon could not help me because it was not so bad that I could get new knees. I had injections several times, but they got less effective over time. Still wanting to progress, I read about the Green-lipped mussel..
We were in Spain and there they were on sale for not so much money, so then I thought now I’m going to give it a try. The first month I took 2 x 1 tablet a day, and now one every day.
I benefit a lot from it, the inflammation is strongly reduced. And I can even walk without difficulty.
However, I must always be careful not to overdo it and not to overload. It is worn out and it is not gone, but the inflammation is pretty much under control.
I can even sleep without a pillow between my legs and still need only very little ibuprofen for the pain. Ineke

After playing volleyball for 50 years I started to suffer from wear in my right hip. Moving without pain I could only dream of. I have unsuccessfully used glucosamine and chondroitin for more than a year. After reading the booklet Moving without pain, I switched to using *******. After a few weeks the pain was much less and my hip joint more flexible. I just continue with the treatment and follow the recommendations in the booklet. What seemed a utopia, appears feasible with this panacea. Highly recommended. B. Scholten

A few weeks ago I coincidentally landed on your site and read about green-lipped mussel in osteoarthritis. For many years I take glucosamine and had the feeling that did not help anymore. Two weeks ago I exchanged it for green-lipped mussel and it’s really great! What a difference and already so quickly. E. Ligthart

I am 51 years old and have a lot of arthritis among others in my neck, lower back, hip, two fingers, knees, wrist. Since September 18th, I use *******. The adjustment period for me was 40 days. During that period, I took 2x daily 5 ml. Then I started my maintenance dose of 5 ml per day, at least half an hour before breakfast. No morning stiffness, no chronic pain during the day and night. No more use of anti-inflammatories and/or analgesics. Moving goes smoothly, especially cycling and walking (running is no longer an option, alas). All my life I did sports and now do fitness, because I see it as a workout: to lubricate my joints and thus keep them going smoothly. Moving outdoors is my thing: walking and cycling. I must always be careful that I do not overload my joints, because of the arthritis I am very injury-prone! I take good care of my nutrition: I use as little as possible acidifying foods, because they cause more pain. I am therefore very pleased *******, it’s not cheap, I buy it through ******* and pay 81 euros for 400 ml (approximately lasting 45 days). And I have no more structural visits to the physiotherapist (ointments, medication). So there are things you no longer spend money on keeping the price tag reasonably balanced. I think it is really worth to try *******. Good luck. Marion van den Oetelaar

For the last two years I walk poorly with pain in my left leg. X-ray showed – extensive arthritis lower back. Treatment – just pain killing.
To reduce the pain, I did physical therapy, home exercises, 3x 1000mg paracetamol and ibuprofen 3x600mg. And something else containing morphine but I no longer remember the name. No results. And a year homeopathic remedies either.
Now after four months using green-lipped mussel there is somewhat less pain but never absent. Anonymous

I’ve had problems with my joints and I started using green-lipped mussel after seeing the video of Dr. John Ide de Jong.
I use it for 2 weeks now and have to say that it works. Good luck to others success who want to try it. A. v.d. Linden

I suffered from the hands and in the morning the first half an hour much back pain by stiffness when moving, after hernia which left me with a numb foot. To my great surprise the pain in the morning after getting up suddenly had disappeared after having taken green-lipped mussel three times a day for 6 weeks. Now I use the product twice a day and it continues to go well, but I still cannot believe it.
I order the product of ****** in ******. Saves up to 15 euros per packaging. You must be a member of ******.
Earlier on I tried almost everything and green-lipped mussel was my last attempt. I was actually not expecting any results.
Initially taking it was a problem because the capsule got stuck in my throat. But since I accidentally discovered that swallowing was easy when I took a sip of water with my head under the tap it goes perfect! Have taken for years glucosamine, chondroitin but to no avail. Along with: physiotherapy, chiropractic, manual therapy, ortho-manual therapy and acupuncture. Anonymous

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Have tried everything, I’ve been treated by an orthopaedist in Zoetermeer Langeland, and had a number of injections.
Thereafter the orthopaedic centre in Delft (private clinic).
It was not yet sufficiently worn to help me with a new knee, so again injections, but that helped me the last time just for two weeks. They cannot do anything now, quite annoying.
At last I could not even walk for 500 meters, while I have always been very active. Always worked in catering, so quite a limitation for me.
I signed up for the newsletter “Moving without pain” and discussed my problem with the doctor. He advised me to try the green-lipped mussels, and if it would not help after 80 days I had to stop as it would not help me. The first 3 weeks two tablets and then 1 tablet.
It’s very strange, but I notice that I’m getting improved moving. I walk a little bit further than 500 meters. And at night I can just sleep. Anyone who has worn knees, knows how often you cannot sleep because of the pain, and is playing with pillows between the knees, you do not know how to lie. Strangely enough I realized that I sleep well again and no pillow between my knees.
Of course it’s not all over and certainly after overloading, but I’m sure it’s better halfway, and I am using it for a month now. I cannot wait being without pain and continue living.
At least I can now say I benefit from it, improved a lot. I’ll let you know how it goes a month from now, Ineke

Troubled by: Hip – especially my hands and also the rest of my body …! Not to mention, I am also diabetic type 2. I was also very sceptical, after six weeks of the full cure I got impatient, yet finished the cure and already a few months now on one capsule per day. So far: NO PAIN … but need to keep moving! Anonymous

After 6 months in a lot of pain and difficulty walking due to wear of the hips, and in an intervertebral disc. Physio-manual therapy and medicine from the orthopedic surgeon had no result, and now after 12 days using ******* the pain has gone and I can walk normally again, great, I cannot tell you how happy I am. THANK YOU. F.A.van de Kolk-Bremer

At first I used the liquid version for 80 days. After the first week I had a great result. After a hip replacement on April 22 2014 I thought the next operation would be my knee. After using this product, I can truly say that this product has saved me an operation. I now have the maintenance cure in the form of pills that I take one day 1 and the other day 2. So round and round. I feel pretty good with it. My knee holds well and swelling is completely gone.. Sometimes I still have some pain in my hands but I also blame the rainy weather. And before I could not use my hands because of stiffness. I’m a big fan of ******* and tell everyone who possibly could use it for osteoarthritis please do it. It works great!!
Regards!!! A loyal fan: Jenny Bouwen, 66 years

On 12/12/2011 I started with*******, upon the advice of the orthopaedic surgeon, where I was under treatment for a worn knee. The pain soon became less (after 3.5 weeks) and eventually disappeared completely. Also the pain in the hands (due to osteoarthritis I wore hand braces) and my deformed right hand.
Now almost three years later I’m still a very satisfied customer using *******! The orthopaedist I no longer visit, because that is not necessary. The use of painkillers has become significantly less. I use 2 (liquid) capsules per day. And that’s fine. I recently tried the ******* – gel on my knee; it rarely troubles me but now I had considerable pain. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone!!! I was so surprised about it, really thought this could not work! Nothing was further from the truth!
In my area more and more people start using *******. And they also benefit a lot.
Not always, that’s unfortunate. It does not work with everyone, unfortunately.
But I do think that everyone should try it! Yvonne W.

I also suffer from severe osteoarthritis / rheumatoid arthritis (probably a combination) in the shoulders and hands. And they have also called it fibromyalgia. But since I use ******* (autumn 2011) it rarely bothers me now and for a year my rheumatologist no longer prescribes diclofenac as the blood sediment is good. I had to be patient because I started to feel a real difference after 7-8 weeks of use. Am really very happy because as a diabetic I could not bear a lot of products. ******* It is based on natural things (green-lipped mussel and curcumin) and I think it therefore has no side effects. I know of it through a friend of 86 (now 88) who could suddenly much easier walk in and around the house, without a walker. She had osteoarthritis in the knee and that is over now. I can really recommend it, although the starting period is expensive, and it did not work with everyone I know, but if it works then it really helps. There really is no placebo effect! And my Jack Russell also benefited from it (for dogs called *******) who now wants to play until the middle of the night and run around. It is very special stuff that definitely deserves more hearsay. Adriana

I have been using the product since May 1 of this year. I was skeptical about the reviews on the site of “move without pain,” which were so laudatory, but it’s really true. In the past I also took 3x daily 2 500mg paracetamol and without any effect. I cannot take Diclofenac because of anti-coagulants, so I started to use ******* . I am very happy that I started it, I have no pain and everything is more flexible. It also helps for shoulders and arms. I started with the liquid boost of 2 x 5ml per day before eating, and now I take 1 capsule 1x daily as a maintenance cure. And I really think this product to be a “panacea.” Tineke Rijnink

I cycle a lot. Walking less because of my worn knees. To reduce the pain I use ****** for a year. I benefit from this drug. The moment I stop I notice stiffness in the joints and I feel how muscles cramp. Regular medication for me is not an option due to side effects. ****** Is expensive to buy. Anonymous

During the menopause I took various pills and powders against the stiff feeling I had. Through an acquaintance I started using ******* . It was quite pricey; I did not really feel any improvement after a month. Miracle cures of course do not exist. Would I stop or order a second expensive bottle order, I decided to give it a chance. No longer any more preoccupied but continued taking the spoons faithfully I suddenly realized that I could get out of bed smoothly, my fingers were less painful … ..uhhh..a bit of a panacea … it really works! !! I’m happy with it. Marly Scholten

I’ve been using *******for some time now because I suffer a lot from my worn knee. My complaints have been reduced a lot!
In the morning I get out of bed now without stiffness. And in the evening I have almost no swelling in my knee! I have even been able to ski again. After a month 2x daily 5 ml in the building up phase, I now use 1x per day 5ml. That’s enough for me. Take it consistently, though because by circumstances I forgot it a few days and instantly felt my knee again! Fortunately it soon got better when I again took *******!
It’s not cheap but it really helps, so for me it is worth every penny! Karin W.

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Used it now for 2 months, building a cure. I am completely relieved of my pain and now start with a maintenance treatment.
I have ankle arthritis and could hardly walk, I even broke my ankle last winter.
I then started using ******* after the fracture had healed. My knees are not stiff anymore.
Well, I sometimes suffer from nausea and bloating, has this to do with the green-lipped mussel and does it affect anyone else? Gonneke

Have taken liquid ******* for one month, 2 times 5 ml before meals; quickly felt an improvement of pain and stiffness; s.verkerk

Used it now for two years for rheumatoid arthritis and am off all the medicines the rheumatologist prescribed. Those drugs I could not stand (also have diabetes, rapidly causing side effects). ******* gives me no side effects.
It is indeed a lot of money, but if you really can function better … I’m willing to spend money on it. Some others started trying it because they saw how well it goes with me. Unfortunately it does not work for everyone. Also with me only after 7 weeks (2nd bottle). R. van de Wakker

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