Alternative treatments for arthritis

Why would you consider any alternative treatments for arthritis?

Arthritis and rheumatoid joint problems are usually chronic by nature and will need chronic treatment as well. However, prescription medicines and possible injections in and around the joint offer insufficient pain relief or cause side-effects. In that case you may want to consider other options, usually referred to as alternative treatments for arthritis and rheumatoid joint problems.

Alternative treatments for arthritis

Are alternative treatments reimbursed?

This depends on the specific conditions of your health care policy. Sometimes these conditions are not clear concerning alternative therapies and you will need to consult directly with your insurer.
Examples of the most common alternative treatments for arthritis and other forms of joint and muscle pain are:
• Acupuncture
• Colloidal silver and gold injections
• Homoeopathy
• Herb treatments
Liquid green-lipped mussel
• Chiropractic

In the near future, we will elaborate more on the possibilities and proven results of the various specific alternative treatments.

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