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Signature in the brain helps diagnose fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disease that is difficult to diagnose and treat. The symptoms correspond to many other chronic conditions. There are also medical professionals who think fibromyalgia does not even exist. Scientists have now discovered a “signature” in the brain, which determines the presence of this disease with 93 percent confidence. Neurological patterns Fibromyalgia is accompanied by chronic pain and stiffness spread throughout the body. Other symptoms include fatigue, anxiety, mood disorders and a bad night’s sleep. Many specialists do not recognize this condition or...

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Joint pain in cold and precipitation

More joint pain in cold and precipitation? Some people with chronic joint complaints swear that the weather affects the pain. The pain increases with cold and precipitation. New American research shows that weather conditions are linked to Google searches for pain in the joints. However, the researchers at the University of Washington were surprised about the results. As the temperatures rose, the number of searches increased. Google Trends For this study, the researchers analyzed the Google searches for joint pain from the 45 largest cities in America. They also used Google Trends. This is...

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When to cool or heat in joint problems?

You do not always have to take medication to reduce joint problems. Cold and heat can provide relief for some time. In the case of inflammation and painful joints, an ice compression will help. And in the case of stiff, cold and painful joints warmth can provide relief. Ice compress Do your joints feel warm and painful? Then ice is a great and inexpensive painkiller. In consultation with your therapist or doctor you can use a cold pack, which you can buy cheap from the pharmacy or drugstore. Even cheaper is to wrap some ice in a towel and put it in a warm and sensitive place. What also works...

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